Tips when buying a chest of drawers

Irrespective of whether you want a chest of drawers for your living room, bedroom, nursery, or office, there are many designs of drawers to choose from. Drawers help to organize any space as well as serve to decorate minimally. They are popular pieces, as seen from many furniture selling websites and online second-hand platforms selling at different price ranges. The price difference is determined by the material used, size, and detail on the drawers.


When choosing these drawers, the first thing to consider is what you intend to use it for and which part of your home you would like to use it in. Establishing this will guide you to choose one with sufficient compartments big enough to fit your desired items. For instance, drawers for the living room should have a minimal design and mimic a console table but with storage below that make it both decorative and functional. Bedroom dressers, on the other hand, should have more compartments to accommodate various items and organize the space. It is also vital to confirm the dimensions of the drawers, especially if buying online. This will ensure that it fits accurately at its intended space.


The material used on the chest of drawers( will determine its purchase price and durability. The ideal piece should be made from hardwood such as mahogany or good quality softwood. Check the stability of the drawer and inquire about the maximum weight the drawers can hold. This will help you buy drawers that are multi-functional and can serve you for an extended period of time. Good quality dressers retain value even after many years of use and can be sold at a reasonable price as used furniture when the owner wishes to get rid of them.


Drawers are built with different finishing and handle designs from wooden to metallic, and even brass handles. Each of these is equally good, and the main difference is in their appearance and what aesthetic the owner is interested in achieving. Metallic handles may become loose over time, but nothing that cannot be fixed using a bunch of screws and a screwdriver. Switching up your handles is also a creative way to modify your drawers with time to give it a fresh look and appear as a different new piece of furniture altogether.

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November 2020