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If you are into simplicity in interior design, then the Scandinavian interior design should be your thing. The Scandinavian interior design is characterized by simplicity, minimalist, and functionality. Although the design has been around since the mid-20th century, it remains a popular trend among homeowners and developers today. It includes the use of naturally available materials like wood, hemp, and leather. Here are a few tips to a stunning Scandinavian interior design.

Lighting is almost everything in Scandinavian interiors

Scandinavian countries enjoy only up to seven hours of daylight hours in winter months. Therefore, most people tend to spend more time indoors as it seems daylight is a temporary luxury. It’s particularly important to consider various forms of lighting. This will not only give you a cozy and ambient living, but will be important for mood-building as well.

Go for warm textiles

The Scandinavian climate is extremely cold; therefore, the use of warm textiles should be a priority. The textiles can be in the form carpets made of wool, mohair, or sheepskins. Accessorizing your living space with warm textiles will be a great way of making the space feel cozy and warm, particularly during winter.

Use both metal and wood finishes

Previously, Scandinavian interior design used wood not only for flooring but also in virtually any piece of furniture and fixtures. It was therefore common to find wooden coffee tables and chairs in a Scandinavian home. However, a recent trend has emerged in the Scandinavian interior design. It combines the use wooden and metallic finishes. For example, it’s common to find brass pendants and copper sconces installed on wooden ceiling to add glimmer into the entire living space.

Fresh botanicals and flowers

Fresh flowers and other botanicals aren’t just a luxury in a Scandinavian house, but a necessity. Adding living elements into a living space requires a careful thought. You need to choose where to put tulips and arranged bouquets. How they blend into other furniture sets is of utmost importance in a Scandinavian home.

Minimalism may be trendy, but the Scandinavian interior design will never go out of style. While there are several ways in which you can accessorize your Scandinavian living space, one thing stands out. Making your living space cozy and warm. Lighting is something else you should never forget when designing a Scandinavian house. You’ll have a comfortable house especially during winter.

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November 2020